Monday, July 12, 2021

Online Certificate Course in Organic Home Gardening

 Nature First Horticultures announces:

'Certificate Course in Organic Home Gardening'
Grow your own food at home. Focusing on vegetables, fruits, kitchen herbs, microgreens, fruits, 
home composting and more.

4th December to 29th January, every Saturday 4 to 7 pm. (Excluding major holidays) (Live online sessions on Zoom cloud meetings) (Recordings available post session)

Eligibility: Anyone who is interested in gardening.

Fees: Rs 4,800/- (Including a starters kit which will be couriered to your address)

Organic Kitchen Gardening- Successfully growing vegetables at your home garden: yard, terrace, balcony and windowsills.

Practical knowledge in Indian context:

  • Seeds, soil, fertilizers, pest & disease management, plant care, harvesting tips, gardening activities and hacks.
  • Sunlight, seasons, watering, containers, spacing, Crop flowering, pollination, pinching and pruning, tools & implements, methods of organic gardening.

Eight modules, online lectures, live demonstration, videos, Q & A, study material (notes), presentations, project support.

Facilitators Harshad Ainapure and Vivek Kate are Horticultural Botanists with 16 years of field experience.

Fees: Rs 4,800/-
Account Name : NATURE FIRST
Account No : 33156239128
State Bank of India [Wagle Estate, Thane(w)]
Bank IFSC CODE : SBIN0061707
A/C type - Current A/C

Registration form link:

Link to purchase the course Online:

Contact us:
Harshad- 9326166338
Vivek- 8169716382


*Q.* I am new to gardening, will this course be too complicated for me?
*A.* No. This course is designed for anyone and everyone who is interested in growing plants. It doesn't matter whether you are a newcomer, amateur gardener or an experienced gardener. Minimum age limit is 14 years and above; there is no maximum age limit.

Course Objectives:
*Q.* Overall what will I achieve by attending this course? and what about the certificate?
*A.* By the end of this course you would have gathered enough knowledge to successfully start your own Organic Kitchen Garden. During the course you will be given weekly practical assignments in order to initiate the development of your vegetable garden. And yes, you will get a Certificate after attending all the sessions.

*Q.* What if I miss any of the sessions; will there be a recording?
*A.* Yes, all our sessions will be recorded, and the recording will be available for all the participants in case they are not able to attend the live session; and also for their future reference and revision.

*Q.* Will you be providing notes?
*A.* Yes. Detailed notes will be provided for each module in PDF format. Also the course presentations will be shared with you along with the videos.

Starter kit:
*Q.* What is included in the starter kit?
*A.* The starter kit includes seeds of 12 different vegetable varieties (Fruiting, climbing, leafy and root vegetables), Seed sowing box and cups, loose cocopeat, Ghanamrut (natural fertilizer), Dashparni Ark (natural pesticide), Neem cake powder, and couple of grow bags.

Material sourcing:
*Q.* How do I source the material for my gardening activities?
*A.* You will be provided contact details of various resources, vendors, wholesalers and retailers to procure important organic gardening material. Both online and physical resources.

Personalized support:
*Q.* If I need any help during and after the course, will you be available?
*A.* Yes. Our team will be available on phone call and WhatsApp for any help and assistance. Also there will be a separate WhatsApp group dedicated to this batch of Organic Home Gardening course, where your weekly assignment activities will be personally monitored by Harshad and Vivek.

Field visit:
*Q.* Will there be any field visit?
*A.* At this moment, field visit is not part of the schedule for this particular course due to current covid related restrictions. However, after the course is over, and when things hopefully improve, a separate field visit to Nature First’s farm and kitchen garden will be arranged.

Registration fees payment:
*Q.* What are all different payment methods to register for this course?
*A.* You can make payment of Rs. 4,800/- by NEFT to the bank details provided in the course description. You can also make payment by Gpay or Paytm to 9326166338 (Nature First). Or Click here to purchase the course from Nature First’s shop by credit or debit card.

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